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Transferring to the PGDA from other universities
Home > Programmes > Postgraduate Programmes > Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) > Transferring to the PGDA from other universities

Entrance requirements for applicants transferring to the PGDA from other universities

All transferring students who have graduated from a SAICA-accredited undergraduate programme elsewhere in South Africa and wish to complete this programme are required to complete at least two years at UCT prior to admission into the PGDA program. Therefore no student will not be accepted directly into the PGDA. 

During the first year at UCT :

You will be required to register (as an occasional student for non-degree purposes) for the following undergraduate accounting courses that comprise the final year of the BCom specialising in Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant :

  • ACC3009W Financial Reporting III
  • ACC4000H Business Analysis and Governance
  • ACC3004H Taxation II
  • ACC3022H Corporate Governance II
  • ACC3023S Management Accounting II

In order to gain entry to the above courses, the following entrance exams will need to be written and averages achieved :

Course: Required average mark for entrance :
Financial Reporting II 60% or higher
Taxation I 50% or higher
Management Accounting I 50% or higher

These exams are written in the January supplementary and deferred exam cycle in the year that you will register for the final year undergraduate courses (dates to be confirmed on the UCT website). It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered for the correct courses and know the exam dates.

During the second and third year at UCT : 

In order to progress to the PGDA -  the minimum entrance criteria for PGDA must be met. That is, a graduate of another university who has met the requirements for a SAICA accredited undergraduate degree and who has obtained the following minimum criteria at UCT:

1. A pass in :

  • ACC3009W Financial Reporting III
  • ACC3022H Corporate Governance II
  • ACC3004H Taxation II
  • ACC3023H Management Accounting II and ACC4000H Business Analysis and Governance,
  • all in the year preceding the PGDA i.e. the first year that you are registered for non-degree purposes.

2. If point one above was not completed in the preceding year to PGDA, a pass in all the subjects referred to 1. above and an average mark of 53% for the following is required:

  • ACC3009W Financial Reporting III
  • ACC3022H Corporate Governance II 
  • ACC3004H Taxation II and ACC3023H Management Accounting II 
  • all in the preceding year the PGDA or the year prior to the preceding year.

Transferring students please note: 

  • You must apply for the PGDA programme. You will not be accepted into the PGDA but will be informed, as part of the application process, of your available options. 
  • A copy of your final undergraduate results must be attached as part of your application.
  • Acceptance as an occasional student at UCT is subject to confirmation of various aspects of your academic performance (e.g. final results and that you have graduated).

It is important that all of the following documentation that was not submitted with your initial application should be submitted as part of the application:

  • Your final full academic transcript showing final marks for all third-year courses;
  • Proof that you have graduated (Note that not all universities note this on their transcripts, and you may need to obtain a letter of confirmation from your institution) 
  • Record of satisfactory conduct (if not noted on your transcript).

Contact information:

Further details relating to the course are available here.

Ms Olivia Europa (Postgraduate Administrative Officer)
Office: 4th level, Leslie Commerce Building, Upper Campus
Phone: 021 650 2258
Email:  Olivia.Europa@uct.ac.za