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UCT Contract Requirements
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UCT Contract Requirements

This is an extract of the core of the draft Contract Letter:


You will be employed as a temporary full-time Teaching Assistant on a fixed-term appointment from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021. Your cost of employment offered for the year will be at least R204,446 per annum. In recognition of passing Initial Test of Competence, you will be granted a once-off award of R1,600.  The remuneration package does not include any other benefits. You are entitled to 15 working days leave see attachment 1 for Academic Trainee leave policy for which an official leave form must be completed and signed by your section head and A/Prof Goolam Modack.

Initial Test of Competence

You are responsible for ensuring that you are registered for the Initial Test of Competence, for the first sitting (i.e. March/April 2021). Reimbursement for Board Course expenses should be negotiated with your firm in accordance with their policy. You will officially be granted study leave from Thursday 2 January to Thursday 30 January 2020 inclusive. 

Your duties while serving in the College of Accounting will include the following:


Your section head is responsible for the allocation, supervision and monitoring of these activities which may be delegated to a course convenor.

  • Approximately 200 contact periods, mainly tutorials but with at least one week of lecturing.
  • Duties assigned in the Hotseat on a rotation basis.
  • Setting and marking of projects, tutorials, tests and examinations.
  • Attending staff and tutors meetings as required.
  • All general responsibilities assigned to academic staff members in the College of Accounting. 

Tutor Training

You will be required to attend the Tutor Training session offered by Sumaya West and Mariam Bardien and/or as advised by your section head where appropriate. Dates to be confirmed or as advised by your section head.


  • Participation in appropriate research methodology seminars. 
  • Preparation of work for the research component of your contract.
  • At least one research presentation at the academic forum. 
  • Attendance at academic fora.

To fulfil the research component of your contract you must have registered for and commenced with or completed one of the following during the first year of your Training contract:

  • An Honours degree; or
  • A Masters degree in a Commerce related discipline; or
  • A relevant higher diploma (a research component must be included) or
  • Two modules of the PG Diploma/Masters in Education Higher Education Studies Specialisation 
  • Research with the final aim of publishing one article in a refereed journal.

The College has a responsibility to provide adequate supervision but this responsibility lapses if the research proposal or equivalent has not been accepted by the end of your training contract with us. 

It is in both our interests that you make substantial progress with your research during the year you spend with us and therefore work not within this contract, may not be undertaken without the approval of the Head of College. 

This offer is subject to your successful completion of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Accounting during 2020, and approval by your firm and SAICA. Please ensure that your offer of academic traineeship has been discussed with your firm. Please complete section 1 of the official SAICA application form, attach the academic curriculum vitae as requested and ensure completion of section 2 by your firm's training officer. It should be returned to Asia Brey (Asia.Brey@uct.ac.za) for further processing together with a signed copy of this letter. 

I would appreciate all completed documentation by Tuesday 13 October 2020. 

I would like you to report to the College on Monday 11 January 2021 at 10h00 am.

A/Professor J Kew
Head of College