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Academic Traineeship FAQ
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Academic Traineeship: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions, students who want to apply for an academic traineeship 

1. What are the Working Hours?

Please see the AT 2018 Guideline Document for details.

2. Do we have to study?                                                        

Yes it is a requirement.

3. What can we study? 

Please see the AT 2018 Guideline Document for details.

4. Do we have to have tutored previously?        

No, however you need to be prepared to tutor, it is the bulk of our work. So it would be recommended.

5.  Do we have to lecture?

Please see the AT 2018 Guideline Document for details.

6. Do we have to be signed with a firm?

Yes. The structure is that your firm seconds you to UCT for the AT year. Please consult with your firm on whether they are happy to second you.

7.  How does the AT year affect training with our signed firm? 

It is firm dependent. The Cape Town firms generally train you while you are an AT. The Johannesburg firms may however wait for you to join them to train you.

8.  How do the firms regard the AT year?    

They regard it very highly, especially with regards to our superior technical knowledge having studied further in our respective fields. They also rate the presentation and communication skills we obtain through lecturing and tutoring very highly.

9. How many trainees do the firm allow to do AT?  

It is firm dependent. It depends on the number of trainees that pass their respective CTA's (PGDA), as well as their work load for the year ahead.

10. Do we get forgotten by our firms?

Yet again firm dependent. It is also your responsibility to keep in touch with your firm, as it is a two-way relationship. Best advice is to attend the bulk of the social functions during the year. Try and keep contact with another first-year clerk at your firm to remain in the loop.

11. How do we get remunerated?                                            

On a par with your firm. We cannot disclose whether it is better or worse, but it is more than sufficient. What we can say is that it is structured that the pay is a fixed monthly amount, there are no medical benefits or pension etc. and there is no increase on passing SAICA Initial Test of Competence (but there is a "passing" bonus). It is also set between the Cape Town and Johannesburg firms' average salaries.

12. Can we do any other non-AT work, i.e. private tutoring? 

Please see the AT 2018 Guideline Document for details.

13. Do I have to have good marks?                   

No, all you need is to pass PGDA and display above average academic potential, unfortunately PGDA students who have been granted a supplementary exam in the final exam, may not become an AT.

14. Does an AT have free time?

Enough, but you will you end up doing a lot more than you think.Marking and preparation for tutorials and lectures does take up plenty of time.

15. Do we get leave?

Please see the AT 2018 Guideline Document for details.

16. What do we do during the Varsity Vacs?

  • Mark test scripts.
  • Work on your research projects.
  • Consultation for PGDA and other students.
  • Work on any other work you pick up.
  • Plan and prepare for next semester and/or term.