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What is Academic Traineeship?

The academic traineeship programme lets students complete the first year of their accountant training contract, in academia.

    Important facts for students to note about this programme: 

• You will still need to write the Initial Test of Competence and Assessment of Professional Competence at normal times.
•  The contract specifies that you must pass the January ITC for the year to qualify as one year of your training contract.

Who should do an Academic Traineeship?

If you have displayed academic excellence and have an interest in intellectual enquiry should sign on to this, especially if you wish to carry on in academia. You should also consider being a part of this program if you enjoy tutoring; teaching and interacting with people. 

What are the benefits of participating in Academic Traineeship for students? 

• This programme is an opportunity to develop key professional skills in communication and presentation over and above those developed in the training programmes.
• At the end of the traineeship students should have the ability to communicate to both large and small audiences of varying skill sets. This ability is a core skill required to succeed in management and the audit profession.
• Teaching a subject consolidates what you know about it.
• The year will give you the opportunity to develop intellectually within a discipline.
• A traineeship opens doors to academia as a career or as a stepping stone.
• Academic trainees are well received by the accounting profession.
• It is important to remember that this is not another year of study, but rather an opportunity for research and teaching.
• Taking part in this programme is an excellent chance to develop personally and academically and to see the other side of the university. 

To find out more about the application process for an academic traineeship, check out this helpful guide.