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Application Process
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Application Process for Academic Traineeship 

If you are interested in pursuing a traineeship in accounting then find out more by:

  • Attending the AT Recruitment function, which will be announced at a later date. 
  • Speaking to any of the current Academic Trainees or previous ATs who are now on the staff.

Some of these staff members are:

  • James Winfield,  Goolam Modack, Shelly Herbert,
  • Shaun Parsons, Riley Carpenter, Taryn Miller,
  • Riyaan Mabutha, Richard Mellon, Jacqueline Dean,
  • Asief Dhansay, Dale McGregor, Magon Gajewski,
  • Jahangir Allie, Kim Hendrickse, Sameenah Esack and Jatin Garach.
  • Goolam Modack and Tessa Minter also share the overall responsibility for Academic Trainees.

Alternatively please feel free to contact any of the PGDA lecturers.

NB: If you have already signed a training contract, find out how your firm views academic trainees.  

Also important to remember: a number of firms limit the number of trainees who may do their first year in academia so please speak to them as early as possible and indicate that you may be interested as the firms often work on a first come first serve basis. Please also refer to the Specimen Contract and SAICA Requirements.

Important dates to remember and the final steps in the process: 

Please complete the internal application form by Tuesday 1 September 2020 and email them to Asia.Brey@uct.ac.za.

The College will arrange interviews for short-listed candidates in the week of 14 – 25 September 2020. The College will then make offers to selected applicants.

These applicants will be required to sign two copies of the College of Accounting contract letter and complete the formal SAICA Application for Academic Trainees contract.

In addition, you will be required to complete an official UCT employment contract which will be sent to you by Central Administration.